Photography is wellness for the eyes and the soul! PHOTO SEMINAR with Dr. Günter Zöhrer

Let time - learn to see - get creative, and that in one of the most beautifully situated hotels in the Kvarner Bay in Croatia.

The picturesque view of the island of Krk from the hotel terrace, paired with fantastic sunsets, the magnificent variety of Mediterranean flowers in the hotel garden and a gigantic starry sky over the Vinodol valley guarantee emotional experiences and unforgettable images.

The times for panorama photography or sunrises / star photography are set together on site.

In a double room on the land side
€ 897.00 per person and stay for 5 nights

Booking periods:

  • 29.05. - 03.06.2022
  • 11.09. - 16.09.2022 

Topics of the seminar:

  • Long exposure and panoramic photography along the coast in the morning and at dusk
  • Sunrises on the sea
  • Star photography on the coast as well as at the lookout points of the "Eyes of Vinodol" (Vidikovac Mahavica and Vidikovac Pridva and the summit of V. Tic
  • Photo technology and planning as well as digital image development and processing in the hotel's own seminar room including multimedia lectures
  • Accompanying the use of Spiritual & Emotional Photography to slow down