Pools & Regeneration Relaxen & Meer im Badeurlaub.

The Belle Epoque appears to live eternally here due to the omnipresence of these “beautiful times” in their splendid and loving representation. 

You also do not have to wait long for that exquisite wellness feeling indoors An indoor pool awaits you on cooler days or invites you to splash about, swim and bathe in the evening. A subtle light blue colour shade which extends throughout the design; wonderful columns, fine mosaics and magnificent paintings which round off the entire work, only interrupted and dominated by a splendid crystal chandelier which exhausts the entire range of spectral colours and brings a sparkle to the water.

Mediterranean flair has always been the highest priority here. In former times, it was called a “cure”; we frequently now call it wellness. In the past and in the present, it is the power of the air, the energy of the sea and the holistic feeling of another world which make our hidden inner strings oscillate and guide us back to our inner self.