Ausflugsziele Die Region Kvarner Bucht entdecken.


The Kvarner Palace as a starting point

Excursions & tours

A diverse landscape and a rich and varied natural environment awaits you. The sea, lakes, valleys and mountain summits merge in the region around Kvarner. Furthermore, endless paths invite you to hike, bike and discover. Immerse yourself in the magical underwater world, and the islands of the region are waiting for you to explore them. Charming little towns which nestle into the coast line await you during a little detour.

The picturesque Vinodol valley is a Mecca for paragliders; a relaxed break can be enjoyed in the labyrinths in the Novi Vinodolski outback – and 400 events held annually give this region a touch of internationalism coupled with tradition and customs.

We are happy to organise outings and excursions from the HOTEL KVARNER PALACE, for example to Triest, to Vrbnik on the Island of Krk or to the lakes in Plitvicer National Park. If you would prefer to explore and discover the region on your own, then we would be delighted to help you with your planning – so that your holiday with us in Crikvenica remains unforgettable.

Der älteste Marien-Wallfahrtsort Kroatiens


Zum ersten Mal wird Trsat mit der Burg im Jahre 799 erwähnt. Der Legende nach aber, stammt der Ort aus dem Jahre 1291 als dort das Häuschen der Heiligen Familie in Nazareth von Engeln getragen, erschien. Aufgrund des ungetrübten Ausblickes auf die Bucht, war hier in der Antike ein liburnischer Wachposten eingerichtet, welcher als Kontrollpunkt für die Wege vom Landesinneren ans Meer diente. Die Römer nutzten den Ort zusätzlich, um ihre Verteidigung zu festigen.

Trsat gilt zudem als der älteste Marien-Wallfahrtsort Kroatiens. In Trsat befinden sich die Kirche der Heiligen Mutter Maria, sowie ein Franziskanerkloster. Die Erhaltung des Marien-Wallfahrtsortes obliegt dem Orden der Franziskaner (OFM). Die Ursprünge des Wallfahrtsortes sind auf die Loretowallfahrt zurückzuverfolgen. Papst Johannes Paul II. besuchte anlässlich seiner 100. Auslandsreise am 8. Juni 2003 die Wallfahrtskirche von Trsat. Die Kirche der heligen Jungfrau Maria auf Trsat, der Muttergottes von Trsat, gilt als ältestes Marienheiligtum Kroatiens und Wallfahrtsstätte vieler Wallfahrer aus Kroatien und dem Ausland. In der Kirche befindet sich das wundersame Mariengemälde.

Der Wallfahrtsort und das Franziskanerkloster sind mit dem Stadtzentrum Rijekas durch die Stufen von Petar Kružić verbunden, die der Heerführer 1531 erbauen ließ und die heute noch seinen Namen tragen. Das heutige Erscheinungsbild verdankt die Burg dem letzten Besitzer, Graf Laval Nugent, der die Burg in der ersten Hälfte des 19. Jhd. erwarb und sie zu einem Familienmausoleum machte.

An unforgettable experience

National Park, Plitvice Lakes

Take a trip to the world-famous Plitvice Lakes which have been designated as a National Park since 1949, and since 1979 have also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage. Visit the filming location of the silver treasure from the Winnetou films during a walk through this unspoilt natural environment.

16 lakes await you in various shades of turquoise depending on the water level and the light incidence, thus creating a different natural beauty at each time of the year!


Try to listen out for birds close to the waterfall, you will notice that the water is so loud that it drowns out even the birdsong!

Eine historische Stadt & ihre Schätze

Korzo (promenade) in Rijeka

The Korzo (promenade) is not only the longest pedestrian zone, the main artery of Rijeka, but is also its reflection. Rijeka is reflected in the Korzo meaning that you can recognise Rijeka’s true face from the Korzo. Anyone who has ever drunk coffee on one of the many patios and picturesque cafés along this extremely unusual promenade will confirm this. Anyone who has ever sat on a bench or observed the lively street from one of the popular meeting places in the highest storeys of the buildings will likewise share this opinion. You can hear Rijeka’s typical walking rhythm which can be heard on the main boulevard of Rijeka regardless of the time of day. Thousands of sounds melt together here. This is the time in which cafés become clubs and laughter and music vibrates throughout the street.

Round trip on the island of Krk

The island has an area of around 400km² and is inhabited by approximately 18,000 people. The island is located in the Kvarner Bay south-east of Rijeka and has been connected via a bridge to the mainland since 1980. The bridge can be seen from the city centre in case of good visibility.

Panoramic trip along the coast. Drive along the longest bridge in Croatia – previously known as Tito Bridge – to the town Krk. Visit the Krk Cathedral, then continue to Punat Bay and the monastery island Košljun – to Jurandvor. Visit the St. Lucia Chapel, Tablet of Baška (Glagolitza- Baška) and also one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. You will have a little free time in Baška. The return journey is via Vrbnik, known for its Žlahtina wine.

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