Kvarner Riviera Holiday by the Adriatic Sea in Croatia in the Kvarner Palace.

Is it the expanse of the sea which immediately imparts a feeling of freedom to visitors of the Kvarner Bay? Or the secluded location with rear shelter thanks to the nearby mountain range of the Velebit? Perhaps it is the mixture of splendid flair, magnificent grand buildings and residences on the one hand, and the palm trees, fragrances and Mediterranean coolness on the other hand? Is it the maritime cuisine? The multitude of recreational activities, excursion destinations and exercise possibilities? Or is it more the electric-blue, azure and turquoise blue of the Adriatic waves?




A paradise by the sea, directly in front of the hotel doors

The Kvarner Riviera

A fairy-tale. Magical. Fabulous. The Kvarner Riviera with its picturesque bays, magnificent beaches, white cliffs and scented green hills was already loved by the Habsburgers as...

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The Kvarner Palace in Crikvenica


The town of Crikvenica reflects on a thousand-year history and has been shaped by numerous rulers, diverse cultures and various influences. Over the course of this, every epoch has left its traces...

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Discover the Kvarner Bay region

Excursion destinations

Magnificent island panoramas, churches, castles, 300 km of sign-posted cycle paths, and in between beaches, beaches, beaches. The surroundings of the 4-star Hotel Kvarner Palace also have...

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Rent a boat

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Discover the Kvarner Riviera on water and on land

Boat tours

Do you fancy a maritime experience? Then you had best take a boat tour across the Kvarner Bay. You can explore the sea and the islands and enjoy exciting hours according to the slogan “ship ahoy”!...

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Stand-up paddling, parasailing & the sea at the Hotel Kvarner Palace

Water sport

It is only a hop, skip and a jump from the Beach Palace of the Hotel Kvarner Palace to the water sports centre of Crikvenica. If you have had enough of sun-worshipping and are already suffering from...

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Active & healthy on the Adriatic beach

Bicycle & mountain bike

Bright blue, vibrant red and fresh green, and between these colours, purple, pink and delicate yellow. Nature could not present itself more colourfully, fragrantly and diversely than in the Kvarner...

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Life is movement at the Hotel Kvarner in Istria

Hiking & jogging

The Riviera of almost unlimited possibilities also offers plenty of hiking and running trails. Ambitious walkers and joggers will be inspired by the 300 km of sign-posted hiking trails which invite...

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