Yoga & pilates A sense of well-being, health & balance at the Kvarner Palace

Spiritualität und Inspiration als Yin und Yang im harmonischen Zusammenspiel gegensätzlicher Energien. Yin und Yang für ein Leben in Balance sind Begriffe aus der alten chinesischen Philosophie, wobei Yin den abwärts gerichteten und Yan den aufwärtsstrebenden Energiekräften entspricht.

Our modules in detail

Yoga & meditation in the Kvarner Palace

Dr. Mag. Danninger leads you a little closer to physical and mental health with YOGA, MEDITATION and health talks.

  • Stretching muscles and releasing muscular cramps with powerful Asanas (body exercises)
  • • Strengthening the back, chest and stomach muscles for an excellent body posture
  • • Increasing concentration and activating memory with mindful practice and breathing exercises
  • • Improvement of stability and balance through coordination exercises
  • • Improving your sense of well-being with relaxation exercises
  • • Strengthening of the immune system and preventative health


Charge your body and spirit with fresh energy.

Balance and inner harmony on your beach holiday by the Adriatic Sea

Life plays out between these two complementary forces: Yang is the male principle, the sky. Yin is the female principle, the earth, the transitions between which are flowing. Yin and Yang act opposing each other and with one another, are inseparably united and act as a holistic concept.

Yoga is a health philosophy which is thousands of years old and provides support for balancing the challenges of modern life such as stress or overstimulation. Harmonise Yin and Yang and alleviate physical complaints. Switching between tension and relaxation during yoga has a beneficial effect on the organs and nervous system.

Everything for your physical & mental health

Meditation in combination with yoga

To create inner balance, it is crucial to relax deeply in order to bring your body, mind and soul into harmony. As a result, we recharge with new power and joie de vivre, and achieve a sense of well-being in everyday life. In guided meditation regarding special topics, you will experience peace and harmony and strengthen your inner self.

  • • Heart meditation
  • • Happiness meditation
  • • The inner garden – my place of relaxation
  • • Fire, water, earth, air - elements meditation
  • • Rainbow meditation