Healing climate & history Regeneration and wellness holidays in Croatia

Here, where the healthy sea breeze mixes with the refreshing mountain air, the warmth draws wonderful scents from the earth and the Mediterranean plant world shares its aromatic substances, is where health is at home. And this has been the case for a long time.

Your health hotel by the sea in Croatia

The 4-star Hotel Kvarner Palace

The Kvarner Bay is ideal for treating allergies, asthma and skin diseases – within the scope of a wellness, beach, family or romantic holiday – just as you wish.

People already came here in the nineteenth century and they are still coming today: to enjoy the quality of the climate and the air here by the Adriatic Sea and to take a piece of improved quality of life home as a souvenir. What was already successfully practised by Hippocrates in ancient Greece, and likewise by the doctors of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, is still effective and also verified: the maritime healing climate of the Kvarner region has a positive effect on the airways, and the energy of the sea and its substances alleviate skin and bone disorders.