Wellness & Spa Holiday by the Adriatic Sea with spa factor

Wellness area & SPA. Always a combination of being good and doing yourself good. Feeling well. Increasing and improving your sense of well-being. In former times, this was called a “cure” – applications which served to sustain or improve health. People have flocked to this former Grand Hotel by the sea for 120 years for this very reason.

Regeneration and wellness holidays in Croatia

Healing climate & history

Here, where the healthy sea breeze mixes with the refreshing mountain air, the warmth draws wonderful scents from the earth and the Mediterranean plant world shares its aromatic substances, is where...

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Relaxing & sea on a beach holiday

Pools & regeneration

The Belle Epoque appears to live eternally here due to the omnipresence of these “beautiful times” in their splendid and loving representation. Von der herrlichen Poollandschaft rund um das...

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Fiery & hot

Sauna world

Stop and capture the moment. Put your thoughts on hold and gain new insights. Take a journey into yourself Or dwell upon the idea of placing yourself at the forefront for once. Take regard of nothing....

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All Spa information at a glance

Spa Etiquette

Dates & reservations in the Palace SPA. All Spa information at a glance

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Wellness is a tradition at the 4-star Hotel Kvarner Palace

Applications & treatments

When the “other” has a break and the “we” has time off, then YOU will clearly be the focus at the Palace SPA! A little bit of healthy egoism is allowed. Or perhaps better, a love of yourself. Truly...

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Be active & healthy in the Hotel Kvarner Palace in Croatia

Sport & fitness

Our body as a complete artwork, whereby the emphasis is placed equally on entirety, art and work.

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Passionate tennis players are just in the right place here at the Kvarner Palace, Croatia!

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A sense of well-being, health & balance at the Kvarner Palace

Yoga & pilates

Spirituality and inspiration as Yin and Yang in a harmonious interplay of opposing energies. Yin and Yang for a life in balance are terms from ancient Chinese philosophy, whereby Yin corresponds with...

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Spa offers at a glance

Hotel Kvarner Palace

  • Heated fresh water indoor pool
  • Heated infinity outdoor pool with salt water and whirlpool
  • Sauna landscape with Finnish sauna, steam bath and heated Feng Shui heat loungers
  • Hotel’s own fitness room
  • Relaxation oasis in the indoor area with a sea view
  • Relaxation area and sunbathing patio in the Mediterranean gardens with Feng-Shui power spots