Cuisine & awards Distinguished Falstaff cuisine

Gourmets will find everything their hearts desire here, and discover international, creative cuisine of the highest quality.

Cuisine on a level with the climate and the views.

Holiday at the Adriatic Sea with enjoyment guaranteed

Spicy, light and intensive, with a hint of vision and a lot of cuvée mediterranée. But not everything which is new also tastes interesting. On our tour of the Belle Epoque flavour temptations, we repeatedly discover time-honoured, traditional old Austrian and Hungarian influences, and create re-interpretations of these with which we enchant our guests.

Our restaurant was listed by Falstaff 2022 as one of the best in Croatia and has been distinguished with their symbolic fork!

This endorses us and our orientation as well as the culinary direction taken by our chef Danijel Ljubijankić. The concept behind this? Cuisine at the highest level!