Applications & treatments Wellness is a tradition at the 4-star Hotel Kvarner Palace

When the “other” has a break and the “we” has time off, then YOU will clearly be the focus at the Palace SPA! A little bit of healthy egoism is allowed. Or perhaps better, a love of yourself. Truly special hours just for you. As a sign of attentiveness and inner harmony.

Whether a healing massage, facial treatment or body treatment, the symbiosis of body, mind and soul also leads to a new form of relaxation, because balance is the new luxury In peace. In tranquillity. In privacy. Enjoy this truly special and undisturbed ambience in our exclusive Palace SPA! Our optimally-trained wellness team is looking forward to advising and pampering you. Relish in the multitude of massages & beauty treatments, such as Ayurveda or Lomi Nui, and also special therapies, such as the wine therapy, which draws on the natural power of the grape seed. The polyphenol contained in these seeds has a great anti-aging effect.

In combination with our daily active program, such as yoga, pilates, gymnastics etc., you can recharge new power for everyday life at home!